Center Warns Ed-tech Companies Against Unfair Trade Practices


On Friday, the government issued a warning to ed-tech businesses cautioning them against engaging in unfair business practises, including false advertising.

The centre stated that if there is no self control by the industry actors, it will be forced to introduce strict restrictions.

In the nation's capital, Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh met with the self-regulatory organisation India Edtech Consortium (IEC) and other industry participants to examine ways to combat the rise in bogus reviews in the edtech sector.

Singh warned at the meeting that strict criteria will be developed to ensure openness if self-regulation failed to stop unfair trade practises.

Representatives of IAMAI and IEC members, including upGrad, BYJU'S, Unacademy, Vedantu, Great Learning, WhiteHat Jr., and Sunstone, attended the meeting.

The secretary talked about how to manage consumer interests more effectively throughout the ed-tech ecosystem.

Singh cited reports claiming that some ads and business operations don't appear to follow accepted standards and legal requirements.

Therefore, he said, it is crucial that everyone works together to keep strong checkpoints that are in line with the interests of customers.


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