ICICI Bank Launches Portal To Help Students Aspiring To Study Abroad


To meet the needs of students hoping to continue higher education both domestically and overseas, ICICI Bank has established a digital portal. Campus Power, which combines banking and value-added services in one location, frees students from having to get in touch with several stakeholders. Anyone can use it, including clients of other banks.

The programme helps users choose financial items that are right for them by guiding them through the process of researching bank accounts, including international accounts, education loans with tax benefits, foreign currency solutions, payment solutions, cards, other loans, and investments.

According to the bank, it also gives information about value-added services relating to higher education in India and abroad, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and Australia.

The appointed partners offer value-added services on programmes, colleges, locations, admissions counselling, test-taking strategies, accommodations abroad, and travel support.

Additionally, the bank opened a branch at IIT Kanpur, and it announced that seven additional branches would be placed on the campuses of the nation's best universities.

The aid includes identifying the right course and university, assisting students with exam preparation, providing debit/credit cards, and setting up an international student account.

Campus Power provides parents with education loans and remittance services to finance the child's educational path. Additionally, it offers consumers additional options for savings accounts, investment goods, vacation, and health insurance.

"At ICICI Bank, we value our clients' needs above all else, and we work hard to adapt our services to meet changing consumer demands. In order to comprehend the unique demands of students at different periods of their lives, we have closely examined the education lifecycle.

Our research has revealed that interactions with various stakeholders to address problems relating to students' higher education present a challenge for students, their parents, and institutions. With more students choosing to pursue higher education both domestically and abroad, this becomes increasingly important.

In order to unify all education-related services, we have therefore decided to develop "Campus Power," according to Sudipta Roy, Head of Unsecured Asset at ICICI Bank.


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